Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year... New Blog... and a Ballerina!

Happy 2012!! 

Ya, ya, I know it is almost February and I have been a bit absent on the blogging scene these past few months.

But I have been hard at work!! Somewhere over the winter break I found myself rested and ambitious. So, what better way to pass the time than with a crash course in blog design and HTML? I found a couple of really helpful DIY blogs, purchased a digital scrapbooking kit {thank you, thank you, thank you Shawna Clingerman and Melissa Bennett of Sweet Shoppe Designs for all images used on this blog!} and was on my way! The original plan was to have my newly redesigned, fancy blog up and running before January. However...who knew {ahem} that designing your own blog would be quite the undertaking??! Well, it definitely took me awhile {and a lot of research} to get things just the way I like them! Still not everything is finished - pages really will be coming soon! It's a work in progress, much like my creations, always planning, creating, changing and planning again. So please bear with me as I tie up the loose ends on my blog. I am so excited to have a new, fun place to share my baking stories and couldn't possibly wait any longer to unveil the fruits of my {hours and hours of} labour!

Two months of being a delinquent blogger has left me with plenty to share! The perfect way to start off 2012 is with a party, a dance party! My sweetheart Hannah turned 7 {yikes!} this month and she had a big request for her dance studio birthday party.... a ballet slipper cake, of course! Hannah and I made ballet slipper cupcakes a few months back so I knew it was coming! I decided on a pink cake with white polka dots and sparkly pink ballet slippers on top. It was a success with the birthday girl and I had to laugh as she immediately dragged all of her friends over to "see her cake" the second they arrived at her party!

Hannah's cake was three layers of cake {red velvet and vanilla mixed together} with buttercream icing and covered in yummy marshmallow fondant. The perfect amount of sugary goodness for a bunch of giggly girls!

I loved making each layer a different shade of pink - a surprise for Hannah! 
Thank you pinterest for this idea!

The beautiful birthday girl with her cake and matching headband!

Happy birthday Hannah Banana... I can't wait to hear the request for #8!

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