Saturday, February 12, 2011

go packers go!!

In my house we are HUGE Packers fans!! Lucky for us they WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! YAY!! I don't think I have ever seen Gerardo so excited for anything...not even our wedding! hehe! He still cheers every morning when he wakes up!

These cupcakes, however, were for my cousin, Teddy, who is a HUGE Packers fan as well. Teddy contacted me about making cupcakes for his lovely girlfriend, Julie, whose birthday was 2 days after the Superbowl. Of course I said yes thinking that I would have free reign to make beautiful, girly cupcakes for her...wrong!! His second request...could they please be packers themed??!! Lucky for Teddy, Julie is just as big a Packers fan as he! I knew she loved chocolate so atleast that was completely for her! Haha!

Happy 25th Birthday Julie!! ;)

to infinity and beyond!!

Happy 3rd birthday Koy!! Koy is my wonderful cousins' (Kelly and Nancy) son. They are our famous Portage cousins and of course I was delighted when we received the invite out to P-town for an evening of skating and celebration in honour of Koy's big day! They are always a blast to visit with...we had the best time!

Koy LOVES Buzz Lightyear! I even recall seeing some pictures along the way of him dressed in a Buzz Lightyear costume...and no, not for Halloween! Haha! Koy's cake was vanilla with vanilla whipped icing and a big fondant Buzz Lightyear on top! I owe the inspiration for this cake to Allison's Cakes.

Thank you Nancy, Kelly, Reilly, Ty and Koy for inviting us to be a part of Koy's party!! Also for your amazing hospitality at the after party!! ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

flower garden

These beauties were made for my friend, Nidia's sister's birthday. I absolutely love how the icing looks like a rose with the contrast of the tiny pink flowers against the chocolate buttercream pretty! These would be gorgeous for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday.

you're under arrest!

These cupcakes were a present from a good friend of mine, Jaclyn, to one of her coworkers who recently joined the police force. Who wouldn't love getting cupcakes for a present?! I have to admit that I had no idea what to make for police-themed cupcakes when she asked me. After some research I saw this picture and thought they were adorable! I loved making these cupcakes! They were marble flavoured with vanilla icing and fondant handcuffs, donuts, star badges, police hats and caution tape.

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