Monday, September 5, 2011

feelin' a little blue

Check out this super duper cool effect!!! I think I'm in love! These cupcakes were made for Navi, a dream customer! Navi tells me how many cupcakes she needs and what flavour she wants and the rest is up to me :) Last week I went for blue on blue swirl and it turned out super cool! To achieve this effect you simply paint the sides of the piping bag with a food colouring of your choice, fill the bag with icing and pipe away. A word of caution though...the first few cupcakes will have quite a bit of colouring. Its best to squeeze out a little bit before attacking the cupcakes. Hopefully Navi didn't have too many blue lips on her hands!
I hope you enjoyed your blue cupcakes Navi!

teeny weeny polka-dot undies :)

These cutie cookies were made for my uni friend Dayna for a bachelorette party. The girls were heading out of town for the weekend for one last hurrah before their friend tied the knot. And what girls weekend would be complete without some yummy treats??!! Each undie had a matching bra...wonder if they found the pairs before they disappeared?! Haha!

Hope you had a great weekend Dayna!!! Have fun at school tomorrow!!! Yikes :s

Sunday, September 4, 2011

gnome sweet gnome

Good morning and happy September! Where has the summer gone?! Only 2 more sleeps until school starts and I can't wait to meet my new little bunch of cuties :)

I'll start off this morning's post with some cupcakes and a cake for a one year old cutie! A few weeks ago Carson turned one and his mom, Tristan, requested these adorable gnome, toadstool and owl cupcakes. She was inspired by a pack of stickers for the theme of his birthday and I love it! I was inspired by my new favourite blog (did I mention that in my last blog?! Haha!), Fairytale Frosting, where I saw some super adorable gnome cupcakes. Tristan also requested a small owl cake for Carson to have all to himself...I can just imagine the fun he had digging into it!!

Carson's cupcakes were red velvet with green grass buttercream icing. His cake was chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!! Chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream. Perfect for the token one-year-old-cake-all-over-the-baby photo op!!

Happy first Birthday Carson!!! I hope you enjoyed your cake :) Thanks Tristan!

...and the little owl cake for the birthday boy...
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