Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Red, White ... & ... Blue, eh?!!


HOLY MOLY... it's been awhile!! I've missed you :( Considering my last post was in May I've been a little... err... absent. Blame it on end of school year festivities and then summer laziness! I don't know about other teachers but I think my calendar year runs from September to August! July and August are all about turning it off and September brings new energy and excitement. What better time to get back to a blogging routine as well!

Despite popular belief (cough, cough, choke, choke) I have been quite busy over the summer. And I have a lot to share! My mom will be very happy about this as she has gently reminded me a few times that my blog was in need of a little TLC :)

On to the goods...

In June I was contacted by the lovely Karen who was looking for cookies and cupcakes for a very important corporate event she was planning at the beautiful Fort Gibralter. The order was huge - the largest I`ve done to date - at 650 pieces! I was thrilled to get the opportunity to see what my little kitchen could do!! My mom, sister and even the hubby graciously volunteered to put in a couple of long nights - thank you to them!

The theme of the event was a little Canadian pride mixed with the company`s famous blue colour. A few months back I purchased an edible image printer (more on that to come soon!) and it worked wonders to add the logo to the sweets.

Each cupcake was adorned with a small cookie bearing the event logo... the best of both worlds!

And each guest left with a cookie favour - a round sugar cookie with the event logo,
trimmed in sparkly, gold sugar. Aren`t cookie favours the best?! ;)

A huge thanks to Karen for letting me be a small part of your event! 

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