Monday, April 23, 2012

Fit for a Princess... or 2!

Ever since this post a couple of weeks ago my inbox has been flooded with requests for princess crown cookies. The princess phenomenon is nothing new to me {Kindergarten teacher and all :)} but I never thought there would be so many in my house so soon! It's great!!

These princess crown cookies were made for Stella and Grace's 7th birthday party. I have known the girls and their parents since they were born and it's hard to believe that they are 7 already!! The girls' mom, Corinne, requested crown cookies to double as party favours and I {of course} suggested to personalize them with each of the party-goers names. Oh how I LOVE that!!!! Guess she couldn't get away with no princesses 2 years in a row ;)

{If you look closely you can see a little sparkle!}

Cute right??!! I can't completely take credit though... check out my inspiration here!

I also made cupcakes for the girls' party...

I had to laugh when Corinne passed on their request for this years' treats... butterflies and flowers...just like last year!!! I laughed even harder when they exclaimed that they were "WAY better than last years!". That's a compliment right?!?! Haha! I didn't think last year's cupcakes were that bad!

Guess I have my work cut out for me next year ;)

Happy 7th birthday Stella and Gracie!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cookie Favours and Personalized Tags ... Works for Me Wednesday

Wouldn't you love to get one of these?

I know I would! But maybe I'm biased... ;)

In the past couple months cookie party favours have really taken off in my baking life. Given  my new found obsession for everything cookie I am beyond thrilled! It has been a win-win situation all around... I get to make beautiful, delicious cookies, my clients have a one-stop-shop for Thank You gifts and party go-ers are excited to leave with a yummy treat!

BUT no party favour would be complete without a personalized tag. Tags not only say "Thanks for coming!", they also look really cute!

{oops...its a little blurry...sorry ;)}

Here are some tips I have/things I do to create the perfect personalized tag for cookie favours:

Use Photoshop!! It takes some practice and a lot of googling {if you're somewhat computer illiterate like me!} but I love that you can create moveable layers. I almost NEVER like the first tag I design and print off. Either the text is too small, the picture isn't right or the placement of everything is off. Photoshop is awesome for making small changes without redoing the whole thing. If you don't have Photoshop, no worries!! Gimp is available FOR FREE download online. It is a similar program and, did I mention, FREE??!! Gotta love that!

Cute fonts are available everywhere online. You aren't limited to the ones that came with your computer!!! Here are some of my favourites:
Once I have designed a tag I save it as a jpeg, open up a new Word document, view it at 100% and open up the image. The next part is super scientific... ha! I take one of my finished cookies, put it in a small candy bag, twist the top and hold it up to the screen to check for size. I know, I know...probably not the best way but this is Works for Me Wednesday right??!!

Once the size of the tag is adjusted I simply cut and paste it as many times as it will fit onto the Word document. Print it off, cut each one out, hole punch the corner and voila! A beautiful tag to go alongside your beautiful cookie!

Such a simple and thoughtful DIY way to thank your guests!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

chirp chirp chirp chirp...

Happy Easter!

How is your sugar intake so far this weekend?!

Just a quick post tonight to share some pretty little chick cookies to celebrate Spring and Easter. I made these cookies for my own Kinders this year before Spring Break and for my awesome friend Elissa`s Kinders for Easter. I don`t know about Elissa`s students but mine were REALLY excited to get a chick cookie... maybe they just want me to make them goodies more often ;) Hehe!


All packed up and ready to go!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of turkey, chocolate and family!

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