Monday, September 17, 2012

Check out my baby bum!

Baby bums have to be the cutest things in the whole word. Especially when teeny babies pull their legs all the way up and they stick their bums out in that way that they do - adorable! 

I made this cake to welcome baby Aiden a couple of weeks ago...

I had seen many baby bum cake pictures on the internet and was thrilled when Tracey sent me this picture. When someone sends me a picture I always try to stay true to their vision but personalize it with my own touches. While the polka-dots in the picture are undoubtedly cute I thought that buttons would be even cuter. I was pretty pleased with the result and enjoyed every second of making this cake!

The bum was also made out of cake. Baking the cake in a small glass bowl made the perfect round shape! The legs and feet were made from marshmallow fondant. The base cake was iced in delicious buttercream icing!

 Welcome to the world Aiden and thank you Tracey for asking to make this special cake!


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