Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stamp Embossed Fondant Cupcake Decorations... Works for Me Wednesday

*...and a long post to go with a really long title!*

I have a confession to make...

Sometimes I steal. Well, okay, not really steal... but more like take a look around for ideas :) That sounds much better doesn't it!

It's kind of a hazard of having your own blog. You become obsessed with other peoples' blogs. You want to know what they are doing, how they are doing it and when you can start doing it! On any given day I can be found on my computer gathering ideas and inspiration for my own baking projects. Pinterest doesn't help ;)

As much as I love to check out my fellow bloggers' work I also love to share. I guess I wouldn't be here otherwise!

So, my obsession with baking blogs, my love of sharing and all the "How did you do that?" questions I have fielded over the years have led me here... Works for Me Wednesday. Works for Me Wednesday (WFMW) is a blog linky party hosted by the amazing Kristen over at We are THAT Family. Every Wednesday bloggers link up their tips, tricks and tidbits that have made their lives easier. It's a big old share-fest! And now I've decided that it's time to get in on the action!

Today's Works for Me Wednesday..... stamp embossed fondant decorations...

It is fitting that I have chosen to start off WFMW on the Sweets & Sprinkles blog with stamp embossed fondant decorations because it is the very first fondant technique I learned when planning my own wedding. I saw beautiful, monogrammed cupcakes on the Martha Stewart website {here} and had to figure out exactly how to get the same look! It is actually quite simple to do and is still one of my favourite looks for cupcakes.

Here's what you need:

Just a few things to note...
  • I use cornstarch on my work surface to prevent the fondant from sticking when rolled out. I have read that icing sugar also does the trick but I always end up wearing it so I avoid it if I can! I have enough icing sugar in my life as it is!!
  • I prefer rubber stamps to acrylic. I'm sure that acrylic work just fine but I like the cushion of a rubber stamp better. I don't actually know if it makes a difference in the end but it makes sense to me! Never tried acrylic, gonna stick to rubber!
Now we're ready to start!

First prep your work surface with a sprinkle of corn stach and roll the fondant out fairly thin. I use the rings on my rolling pin as a guide. If there is a little corn starch on the "good" side of your fondant brush it off with your fingers now. It will be much harder to get off after the fondant is stamped.

Next, stamp your fondant! You want to use a firm pressure so that the image is transfered deep enough into the fondant. Too light and the image won't be visible, too hard and the fondant will stick to the stamp leaving you with a distorted, possibly torn image. I rock the stamp a tiny bit with my fingers to make sure that I have pressed all sides of it evenly into the fondant.

Place your cutter over the stamped fondant making sure the image underneath is positioned correctly.

And cut!

Easy right?! And so pretty!

Monogrammed cupcake decorations are also stamped using this technique...

Here it is SUPER important to stamp the fondant first so that you can accurately position the cutter. If you cut first it is hard to see exactly where you are stamping on the shape.

Another tip... notice how I cut my rubber stamp above? When I bought this set of alphabet stamps the capital and lowercase letters were one piece. I peeled the rubber off, cut it into two and now just use the one letter I need. The tree stamp below is one of my favourites. I have never actually used it as a tree! But I love the swirly pattern and it translates really well to fondant. The trick is to find a pattern you love that is the right size for your cutter. No one ever asks "Is that a tree stamp you used?"!!

The finished product! Let your decorations harden overnight and they are ready to use!

I am sure that this isn't the only way of stamping fondant, its just the way that works for me!

Happy stamping!!

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